Gonna spoil some Big Brother For Ya 

Posted: 5:16 pm Thursday, July 28th, 2016

By cooperlawrence

Big Brother After Dark: Fights, Fits and Firsts

Via SheKnows: I’m always SUPER shocked that the houseguests act surprised when Julie Chen announces a Big Brother twist for them. For 18 seasons, hasn’t the motto of the show always been “Expect the unexpected”? Let’s face it: This isn’t Big Brother unless there are several twists and turns. We’ve known about the new “Battle Back” comp, where the first five ousted houseguests get to battle it out for a chance to get back in the game (which means another shot at the $500,000). We’ve just been waiting for it to happen, and this week, it did. We learned that the “Battle Back” honor went to Victor, the third houseguest evicted. He’s back in the house but seems to be playing it cool this time around.

We also learned that most of the house prefers Z’s toy giraffe to Bridgette. Anyway…checkout the full slideshow here.