NYC Explosion In Chelsea, Cooper’s Photos From The Scene

NYC Explosion In Chelsea, Cooper’s Photos From The Scene 

Posted: 11:30 pm Saturday, September 17th, 2016

By Staff

Cooper here. I was just at the Chelsea NYC explosion

We felt the building shake and went out to investigate. “We were at The Gap on 23rd and eighth avenue when my boyfriend asked if I felt the building shake. I was busy trying clothes on and hadn’t. Next thing we knew we heard dozens of emergency vehicles and as we approached 7th avenue and 23rd they began to close the streets and sidewalks. We saw the FDNY carry an injured man by us and watched them treat him and stop his head from bleeding. They were great with him.”

The NYPD and NYFD are still investigating for additional threats. For details on the explosion you can read the  Full Story Here.

Photos Via JK Clarke