Your “Last Minute” Long Island Eclipse Watcher’s Guide

Your “Last Minute” Long Island Eclipse Watcher’s Guide 

Posted: 9:09 am Monday, August 21st, 2017

By Staff

View of partial lunar eclipse seen. A partial lunar eclipse

Afraid you’ll miss the moon before it goes dark? We’ve got you covered with a list of places to slide in to when you’re finally ready to enjoy that Eclipse!

NASA will be providing live video from several cities in the path of the total eclipse for those fashionably late to the solar system. Long Island will experience an approximately a “70% Eclipse”.

People ready for total solar eclipse

When Does It Go Dark?

At 1:24 PM: The eclipse starts! (Make sure you have the needed eyewear! You WILL look terrible in them, just go with it.)

At 2:46 PM (Ish): The 70% eclipse will be in full view. If you’re all about last minute, try to be outside around 2:40PM. Just in case.

At 4:01 PM: The eclipse ends and your entire town posts blurry photos to Facebook.


Where Can I GET IN Last Minute On Long Island?