Ed Sheeran will play in D.C. but you can’t go.

Ed Sheeran will play in D.C. but you can’t go. 

Posted: 7:55 am Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

By Staff

Ed Sheeran will play a private show in Washington D.C. on September 20. The show will be part of a concert series, sponsored by Sofar Sounds, in which small intimate spaces are turned into small local venues. The series will consist of 300 gigs in 60 countries featuring 1,000 different musicians. A show by Ed will probably look like this:

The concert series is in partnership with Amnesty International, and all proceeds will go to help the millions of refugees worldwide. But how do you get tickets? Sofar runs an application system where fans have to apply online and wait to be selected. So you could be given tickets to a show that you don’t want to see!

I like the idea but, for now I’ll put Ed on in my living room.