The #Swifties are at it again!

The #Swifties are at it again! 

Posted: 6:21 am Thursday, August 24th, 2017

By Staff

Taylor Swift was late to the game when announcing her new album “Reputation.” One of her die hard #swifties, uncovered the name of her album and the length of her new single before Swift even released it!

The Swifty posted a picture of the album with the number of tracks on it. Yet, the only one with a track name was “First Single” recorded at 8:47 long.

Two things might happen in Taylor Swift’s new single: She may embrace the snake persona. When Kanye released “Famous,” Taylor denied agreeing to the lyrics about her. However, Kim Kardashian posted a secret phone call of Taylor agreeing to the lyrics. This would go along with all the snake videos posted on her Twitter. Second, will she give homage to Rock N’ Roll? Plenty of rock songs tend to run lengthy, I guess we’ll have to stay tuned!

After the album reveal blew up, Kim Kardashian got in on the action and posted a snake emoji. By the hundreds, Swifties fired back and commented snake emojis on her most recent twitter post.

Will this confirm that Taylor is embracing the snake persona? So much Drama!