Katy Perry’s new Swish Swish video a diss to Taylor Swift?

Katy Perry’s new Swish Swish video a diss to Taylor Swift? 

Posted: 6:46 am Friday, August 25th, 2017

By Staff

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have had as Kendrick Lamar puts it, “some real beef.” The beef was evident when Katy Perry released her new album and at the same time, Taylor Swift released all of her music to Spotify. Yesterday, Taylor Swift premiered her new song “Look What You Made Me Do.” Katy Perry was savage and released her new video “Swish Swish” at the same time.

Watch the video and you’ll notice a couple of things:

  1. The rival team is called the Sheeps. Katy Perry already confirmed that her tweet, “Watch out for the Regina George in Sheep’s Clothing” was aimed at Taylor Swift.
  2. Nicki Minaj and her backup dancers are dressed like they’re in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video.

Kendrick was right, this is definitely some real beef.