Liam Payne Explains His Son’s Name!

Liam Payne Explains His Son’s Name! 

Posted: 6:36 am Friday, September 8th, 2017

By Staff

Liam Payne was a guest on the Late Late Show with James Corden and explained why is son’s name is…Bear?

“When he was born, he had this thing where, if they don’t have a good cry, they can get fluid in their lungs.” Liam said his son would make a ton of growling noises in his sleep and doctors were checking on him continuously.

Payne says that his son is living up to his name because he’s humongous! We’re happy for the couple and their adorable son.

Who knows, “Bear” might be an incredible name in the future. He could be a star athlete and already have the greatest nick name! But for now, all we can do is stare at this adorable picture of baby Bear and Liam.