Alexander Wang pulled a Kanye but he made Kim K his fashion roadkill.

Alexander Wang pulled a Kanye but he made Kim K his fashion roadkill. 

Posted: 8:30 am Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

By Staff

It was a night to remember as karma hit the Kardashians hard. Last night in Bushwick, Brooklyn, fashion designer Alexander Wang left attendees waiting for an hour and a half in the cold before the doors opened for the fashion show. Of the attendees, were Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner who were left standing in their heels on the concrete.

It may have been a way for Wang to get back at Kanye for making everybody wait at his fashion show in the blistering heat.


Another attendee, a blogger named Bryanboy, described the situation. “You force fed us a live episode of ‘Keeping Up With Kim and Kris’ via intravenous feed with no option to change the channel on the remote.”

Once the event began, the show did not receive good reviews. Critics slammed the fashion show as “a f***ing joke” and “a big middle finger up.” We guess that’s what happens when you leave people waiting, especially the Kardashians.