Kate Hudson is getting dragged by mothers online for her C-section comment.

Kate Hudson is getting dragged by mothers online for her C-section comment. 

Posted: 7:51 am Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

By Staff

Kate Hudson struck a nerve with mothers everywhere when she stated in her October issue of Cosmopolitan that the laziest thing she’s ever done was “Have a C-section.”

Mothers everywhere commented to let Kate Hudson know how hurt they were by her response. One user, honestlyyoga, said:

“You should apologize for your comments to your sister – women community, we should all be supportive of one another rather than use words that shame, many of us had no choice for a c section – and having a c section it is by far NOT the laziest thing, having to rise out of a hospital bed 24 hrs after c section and try to walk a fair distance to the Intensive care unit to breastfeed your newborn was horrendously painful and needed strength that I never even knew I had .. that raw woman mamma strength … you should take much more care with your words, I’m beyond disappointed .. I used to think you were amazing @katehudson

Another user, sktheilmann, commented:

“I never never post about the stupid things celebrities say, but seriously Kate? Your comments about having a c-section are absolutely ignorant!! Many women go through hours or days of labor before having no other choice but to have a c-section. I wont even go into the scenarios where it is a matter of life or death for either mother, child or both… regardless of your personal experience, to make a comment like that is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself!@katehudson

Kate Hudson had previously talked about her comment in an interview and she was talking about her OWN C-section. “The doctor said I could go home, but it was such a pain in the butt to get to hospital because we were being stalked by photographers. We went in at midnight and I was like: ‘I am not going home. I just don’t want to do this again. Let’s just have a C-section.'”