Kevin Hart posts apology video, but for what?

Kevin Hart posts apology video, but for what? 

Posted: 7:56 am Monday, September 18th, 2017

By Staff

Comedian Kevin Hart took to Instagram yesterday to post an apology video and users are torn as to what it’s about. He doesn’t really explain the backstory, but Anthony got it immediately.

“I made a bad error and judgement and I put myself in a bad environment.” When users heard that, it was thought that he might have gotten into trouble with drugs or alcohol. When he spoke about someone making money off of him, then it was clear.

Kevin Hart had an affair. The woman he allegedly had this affair with video taped everything and we mean EVERYTHING. She had it perfectly edited and produced and is using it as a way to extort money from Kevin Hart. The FBI is now involved and we’re waiting to see how future events unfold. For now, we hope Kevin will learn from his mistakes.