Marriage is not in the cards for Miley Cyrus.

Marriage is not in the cards for Miley Cyrus. 

Posted: 7:50 am Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

By Staff

Miley Cyrus may be engaged to Liam Hemsworth, but she is in no rush to say “I do.”

Cyrus told The Sun in an interview she does not see marriage on the horizon.

“I’m 24. I hope I get to live a little bit more.”

After her engagement to Hemsworth was broken in 2012, Cyrus said that she never imagined that they would get back together. She also shared that their relationship grew stronger as a result.

“It’s good for people to have that space to grow individually. Otherwise, when you’re with someone from 16 until 24, you grow into the same person.”

Marriage may not be on the to do list yet, but we know good things will come because she still wears her engagement ring that Liam gave her in 2012.

Her new album “Younger Now” is set to release on September 29th. You can check out the video for the single “Younger Now” here.