Leonardo DiCaprio shares the love and has Michael Jackson returned?

Leonardo DiCaprio shares the love and has Michael Jackson returned? 

Posted: 8:53 am Friday, September 22nd, 2017

By Staff

1) Leonardo DiCaprio dates 3 models in one day?!

Leonardo DiCaprio no longer has a Victoria Secret model as his girlfriend, he has multiple Victoria Secret models as his GIRLFRIENDS.


Leo definitely has his hands full when it comes to young models. The 42 year-old actor was seen with rumored girlfriend, 23 year-old German model Lorena Rae. The two were seen at her apartment and were later spotted at a Theory store at Brookfield Place. She even dropped $365 on a jacket for Leo. After she dipped, DiCaprio received a call and met with former 25 year old lover, Toni Garn.

The former lovers enjoyed dinner together and then headed to her apartment. Leo didn’t stop there! The following evening, he was seen leaving the Spotted Pig with Ania Cywinska. The model is Mets pitcher, Matt Harvey.

Wish we had that life…

2) Is that you Michael?

Twitter goes insane over this Michael Jackson look-alike. Lourdes Zavaleta posted a picture of her boyfriend telling Twitter to check him out. Twitter responded in the most amazing way.

The responses were full of Michael Jackson references.

We thought Chuckie Finster as Ed Sheeran was a great look alike, but this is scary.