Sam Smith comes to defend Ed Sheeran!

Sam Smith comes to defend Ed Sheeran! 

Posted: 7:03 am Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

By Staff

Sam Smith recently defended Ed Sheeran in a recent interview.

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The interviewer was talking about how Sam usually only writes songs for himself, while Ed gives his songs to other artists and is always collaborating with everyone.

He joked that this made Ed a, “song whore,” I think he meant it funny, but Sam jumped to Ed’s defense.

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He went on to say that his music is so personal that it couldn’t be shared.

But Sam wasn’t having it. He said, “Ed is not a whore. He’s an incredible songwriter, the way that he’s written these songs for other people is just absolutely incredible and I’m enamored by him.”

He continued to say, “I think Ed’s success rate with his writing is just amazing and I love his stuff.”

As for why Sam isn’t more of a “whore” himself, he says, “It just hasn’t felt right for my songs [to be shared], maybe just because my [unused songs] are just [bad].”