A look back at “Confessions of A Teen Idol” most outrageous moments.

A look back at “Confessions of A Teen Idol” most outrageous moments. 

Posted: 10:00 am Thursday, September 28th, 2017

By Staff

It’s Thursday! We’re looking back on Cooper’s TV moments, celebrity chats – and ultimate must-watch moments!

Remember When Cooper Had Her Own Show On VH1?

Watch Cooper in “Confessions of A Teen Idol.”:

The series follows “Baywatch” star Jeremy Jackson and 6 other celebrities who had their careers go down the drain. The clip shows these stars yelling over why they’re on the show and what will happen next.

Despite the scene, Cooper was very close with all the members of the show. Check out this great photo from behind the scenes!



Jeremy Jackson lands a kiss on Cooper!