How did Justin Bieber find his new GF?

How did Justin Bieber find his new GF? 

Posted: 6:48 am Friday, October 6th, 2017

By Staff

Justin Bieber may have found a new girlfriend, and it’s more serious thank you think.

Paola Paulin, an actress on Ballers, and Justin were seen leaving the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood on Wednesday. Prior to the date, Paulin and Bieber visited his church and he introduced her to his pastor! That’s bigger than being introduced to his parents.

We did some to digging to find out how big Paulin really is and we found this: she was only in TWO episodes of Ballers and she only had ONE line! So how did Bieber find her?


Well, Paulin models on Instagram. Remember Jessica Gober, the gym employee that Bieber found on Instagram? Well, he’s no doubt sliding into Paulin’s DM’s. Check out some of her posts!

My persuasion can build a nation endless power 🎶👠

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He just keeps giving Beliebers hope in that one day, he’ll find them on Instagram and take them out for date night.