#TheKingdom finally got Nicki Minaj back in the studio.

#TheKingdom finally got Nicki Minaj back in the studio. 

Posted: 6:38 am Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

By Staff

Every time Nicki Minaj tweeted anything, the Kingdom would yell at her and say, “Get back in the studio, bish!” These tweets ranged from feminist tweets to stuff like, “look at my new boots.”

Well, she’s finally in the studio!

nicki 1.gif

Nicki Minaj is currently working on her next album in Miami. She hasn’t settled on a title yet, but she says it’ll be something, “super, super iconic.”

She also said, “I am getting Nicki Minaj figured out with this album and I’m loving her.”

nicki 2.gif