Ellen DeGeneres faces backlash over Katy Perry Birthday Tweet.

Ellen DeGeneres faces backlash over Katy Perry Birthday Tweet. 

Posted: 7:39 am Friday, October 27th, 2017

By Staff

Yesterday was Katy Perry’s birthday so Ellen posted “Happy Birthday Katy Perry, time to bring out the big balloons” which is a reference to a lyric from Perry’s song ‘Birthday’. But in the photo, Ellen is gawking at Katy’s breasts.

Twitter felt it was super insensitive in a climate where several sexual harassment cases are going on.

‘WTF’ one fan wrote, “I have lost respect for Ellen after this” wrote another. One guy tweeted, “Imagine the absolute uproar if Ellen was a man. They’d probably drop his show.”

Ellen has not taken the tweet down, it has over 6200 comments and over 53K likes.