Super Bowl LII’s Iconic Moments Told By Twitter

Super Bowl LII’s Iconic Moments Told By Twitter 

Posted: 7:08 am Monday, February 5th, 2018

By ovictoria

Super Bowl LII was more than just a football game between the Patriots and Eagles. Twitter showed a WHOLE different side to the iconic football game.

Starting off the Super Bowl, Pink sang the National Anthem and spit out something that resembled gum. What was it?

Turns out Pink had the flu and STILL did a FANTASTIC job.

The Halftime Show showcased Justin Timberlake’s old and new hits. There were technical difficulties, and many had mixed reviews on JT’s performance.

Another thing to discuss: Justin Timberlake’s outfit. Why does it look like a Bob Ross painting?

We have some tips for anyone who is interested in getting JT’s outfit.

We can’t forget the biggest person of the night, the selfie kid! During Justin Timberlake’s performance, a fan took a photo with JT.

The Internet took over and dubbed this kid as the meme of the evening. The real question: what was he doing on his phone?

The teen said that he was getting a TON of texts from friends.

Lastly, there was a black screen during the Super Bowl that has people questioning if it was on purpose or an expensive error.

Oh, and the Eagles won against the Patriots 41-33. What was your favorite moment during Super Bowl LII?