How Twitter Dresses BTS Better Than Big Brands

How Twitter Dresses BTS Better Than Big Brands 

Posted: 10:26 pm Sunday, February 11th, 2018

By Staff

How do K-Pop bands like BTS afford such lavish clothing? Is it all from the tours? Do brands latch on in hopes their clothes will sell from center stage?

Alex, from BTS fashion Twitter account Beyond The Style, told Racked, “I [think] it’s, like, 30/30/30 percent,” with clothing coming equally from purchases by the band’s stylists, loans from designers, and gifts from fans.

From Rolex watches, to stylish garb and garments – The Boys from BTS don’t need to shop, they just need to Tweet! Dedicated Fans have provided them with several entire outfits ranging from expensive shoes, to coats that cost more than Kim Kardashian’s last wax.


K-pop fans don’t seem bothered by the K-pop gifting culture. One fan said of the situation, “All of those gifts mean idols don’t have to buy stuff on their own and can use their money for other things.”.