The Kardashians Are Getting Sued Again

The Kardashians Are Getting Sued Again 

Posted: 6:48 am Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

By Prina G

Kim and Khloe Kardashian, are being sued by a jet company for allegedly failing to pay an enormous bill and we have questions! We know they fly private everywhere, but according to TMZ, one company says they still owe an unpaid balance of over $225,000.00!

Kim says that she pays a company a large lump sum and the company then contacts other jet companies to supply the aircraft and pay those companies from the money. Now, this company apparently booked some flights but never paid, and that’s where this lawsuit pops up.

We thought Kanye was broke, you’re still flying private? And are you paying for Khloe, or is there a family fund it comes out of like a shared account? We have questions.