Tom Cruise Teases A “Top Gun” Sequel

Tom Cruise Teases A “Top Gun” Sequel 

Posted: 7:28 am Friday, June 1st, 2018

By Prina G

It’s been 31 years since Tom Cruise play in the movie Top Gun. It is one of those classic movies. Are we ready for another Top Gun? Well, enough people must be because the Top Gun reboot is underway, TMZ posted some video of Tom Cruise on a motorcycle at an air force base. He also tweeted out a tease for it too. 

No word yet on the story line but the rumor is that Cruise is too old to play the flyer so he’s going to be a flight trainer.


Sometimes these late sequels work like “Baywatch” didn’t work, “IT” did. It’s hard to know if the fans are there or not.