Mom May Have To Pay $132K Bill For Broken Glass Sculpture

Mom May Have To Pay $132K Bill For Broken Glass Sculpture 

Posted: 8:43 am Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

By Prina G

A child’s accident that broke a piece of art may cost a family in Kansas City $132,000.

Sarah Goodman and her family were at a wedding reception at Overland Park’s Tomahawk Ridge Community Center. She said as her family was getting ready to leave they heard a noise. Next thing you know the piece was on the ground

You can see on the video the mother is no where to be found. They later sent her a bill for the damage.

The letter then asked the Goodmans for their insurance information.

She says that she shouldn’t have to pay the bill because the sculpture was not marked do not touch. It was also not roped off from visitors or secured in her opinion.

Who do you is responsible? The museum or the mother?