Whats Up With Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes?

Whats Up With Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes? 

Posted: 6:37 am Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

By Prina G

We’ve been hearing rumors for years about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx in this mad romance. Either it’s been just that, rumors, or they’ve been super great at keeping things under wraps. We are pretty sure it’s the second one. 

Allegedly, Katie Holmes was caught on Facetime with Jamie! She was on the way to Paris while Jamie was in Miami. According to the source, she asked if he wanted these French cookies he likes and they did the “I Love You, I Love You…see you soon, babe” kind of thing and some passenger sitting near her ran to Page Six as soon as the plane landed!

What do you think is going on with the these two?