4 Reasons People Don’t Like Talking On The Phone

4 Reasons People Don’t Like Talking On The Phone 

Posted: 2:00 am Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

By Prina G

When the invention of the telephone came about people were excited and amazed. Things change. Now aways, the only people who are calling you are granny and telemarketers. Many people like to talk on the phone in a emergency but the reality is-No one like talking on the phone anymore.

Here are 4 reasons people don’t like talking on the phone.


People aren’t asking for numbers anymore, because they can just call you through Facebook or text you on messenger


Awkward silence on the phone and some people don’t know how to hang up. It is easier to just come back to the conversation when you can.

People on FaceTime when it is really important. That is the only time you need to call people.

Why call when you can text every conversation known to man. This gives you time to thing about what you wanted to say. Right?