6 Of The Shadiest Moments From The VMA’s

6 Of The Shadiest Moments From The VMA’s 

Posted: 7:48 am Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

By Prina G

Seems like this was the year of shade. That’s when you make some smart comment towards someone that you know is probably on your bad side right now.  The shade was completely pulled down for the MTV VMA’s last night Check out these moments, did you notice them?

Cardi B calling herself the Empress in the opening of the MTV awards (since Nicki is the Queen)

Tiffany haddish shade to 5th harmony. She congratulated Camila Cabello and then made a jab at her past band members.

Jennifer Lopez shadding her fans. She went on a long rant about everything in the world including her boo then just said, “oh yeah the fans’ something like that.

Travis Scott reminding everyone He got the number 1 Album RIGHT now. (Nicki again says hers was number 1)

5 Cardi saying,  she got talent that you can’t buy. (nab at nicki claiming her record label was paying radio stations)


6 Nominees and a few big stars not even showing up. Well maybe getting a moon man isn’t that important to them at some point in their career.

Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber


Beyonce and Jay Z

Kanye West

Bruno mars

I can go on lol