3 Things Taylor Swift Could Do After Her Contract Expires

3 Things Taylor Swift Could Do After Her Contract Expires 

Posted: 8:31 am Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

By Prina G

Go see Taylor Swift soon. Why? Her contract that she signed when she was 15 is up in November and we’re not sure what she’ll do!

I’m guessing

1. She’s either resign

2. Go independent 

3. Resign, since her father owns part of her current label.


Variety tweeted an article about it where they say she could make history

‘If she’s seeking to break financial records, she could have the biggest artist deal of the century. If she wants to be creative then she could create her own business model. It’s very exciting.”

But swifties set them straight tweeting, ummm..”I guess these journalists didn’t realize that her father owns part of the label”

Others are suggesting she start her own label, some tweeting she should collab with producer Lena Dunham or Ex-Jack Antonoff