7 Things We Learned About Mary Kate and Ashley in 2018

7 Things We Learned About Mary Kate and Ashley in 2018 

Posted: 7:59 am Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

By Prina G

I’m about to make you feel very old. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are 32 years old! To some of use we still think they are kids but the twins have been ‘adulting’ for a very long time. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, they talked about their relationship with each other and their future plans in the fashion industry. Here are 7 things we learned about Mary Kate and Ashley from the interview. Read the full interview here


Mary-Kate says they still do EVERYTHING together saying, “We came out of the womb doing that.”

They describe their relationship as, “a marriage and a partnership” that has its “ups and downs.”  


They don’t like to talk about themselves. 


They are dropping a Menswear line in October


They might be twins but are still individuals.


They are ‘not product pushers’, which is probably why you never see ads for their stuff


The twins have four other siblings: younger sister Elizabeth Olsen, older brother Trent, and half-siblings Courtney Taylor and Jake.