The Only 3 Ways Cardi B Will Perform For Anyone

The Only 3 Ways Cardi B Will Perform For Anyone 

Posted: 8:01 am Thursday, August 30th, 2018

By Prina G

Remember Cardi B was on Love and Hip Hop and when she had a whole tour planned with Bruno Mars? Of course, you do. After having her kid, she has added a few rules when it comes to her performing. If you want her to perform then you will have to drop some stacks.

TMZ is reporting that Cardi B is considering offers to get back on stage, but only on her terms.

Those terms are:

Her fee is $300K per performance, no discounts!


She has to be physically close to her daughter so she won’t fly anywhere too far away

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No small club gigs, arenas, and large music venues only


She got $300k or more for that appearance, TMZ says she’s being offered $500K now so her fee won’t be an issue. Do you think this is cheap? or too much?