4 Celebrities That Might Slide In Your DM’s

4 Celebrities That Might Slide In Your DM’s 

Posted: 6:54 am Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

By Prina G

We all know that it goes down in the DM’s. When you message someone it can either go good or bad. Once a girl slid into Micheal B. Jordan’s inbox and he popped up on her. The ultimate dream would be for your favorite celebrity to slide in your DM’s right.

Here’s the difference between being a supermodel and being the rest of us. When you are Heidi Klum and news hits that you are finally single, Drake will ask you out by text and you ghost him. That happened. She tells Ellen about it.


Here are 4 celebrities that just might slide into your DM’s

Bella Thorne

James Franco is a well known DM-er

ASAP Rocky just may try to steal ya girl

Rihanna will console you